Dalcos Coil Fed Punching & Laser Machines

Dalcos was established in 1988 in Castelfranco, Italy and has become a world leading manufacturer of coil fed, CNC punching machines. For almost thirty years, the company has offered highly specialized coil cutting machines, including laser cutting systems, numerical control feeders, perforation lines machines and feeders for thin strips. Modern Manufacturing Technologies, is proud to offer Dalcos punching machines to our clients.

Dalcos is an industry leader in automatic coil cutting machines and perforation strips from 20mm to 1500mm wide. Every single piece of their patented technology offers high precision and simple processing of thin and sensitive material.

The majority of punching machines work from the sheet, whereas Dalcos coil cutting machines work starting at the coil. In Dalcos machines, the coil is unwound by a decoiler, straightened and fed into the punching machine, which may also be fitted with a foam roller. The foam roller offers an advantage when the products are long and require a minimum amount of punching. The technology’s cutting shears cut the final product down to the correct size. Dalcos machines utilize thick turret tools so the machine’s set-up is cost effective and fairly simple.

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